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Three-dimensions, cinemagraphs, depth, film, fires, jumpers, kickers, parties, smoke, throwers, time stoppers.

Scoundrel scaring bird in New York park
Bikes lined up in NYC
Lady at Asiatique
Gentleman fishing on a pier
Stud jumping inside
Babe standing on a beach
Man spinning records
Ladies throwing a beach ball at pool party
Lady sitting on a pillar
Lady acending a totem
Lady holding on to totem
Lady jumping in a parking lot
Lady playing with her food
Chef preparing food
Gentleman waiting for his food
Dreamcatcher protecting Lady
Lady getting stalked at party
Band playing music
Scoundrel jumping into a pool
DJ playing music
Lady grilling the camera
Athlete jumping very high

Featured friends:

dalenaxtc, quadrascope, seascry

Featured locations:

Albany, Bangkok, Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego

Images are compressed to <500kbs.